The Fragrance…

I came home tonight…

I came home tonight

The house was silent

The house was dark

No one to say “How was work today”

No one to smile at me…

Saying “tomorrow will be better”

There was only one thing I had

Only one companion,

Only one friend

Only one thing to remind me…

That I was alive….

That I was still breathing….

That scent…

Yes, that special scent…

That fills the air with passion…

With thoughts… deep aching thoughts

Of something too deep to touch…

Too intense to describe

Something to make me feel the flow

Of tears, flowing like a stream

Down my cheek

Because I learnt the hard way

To hold on to what I cherish

And cherish that which I’m holding on to

Your Love

The beautiful moments we shared

Your smile

Like a rainbow on a rainy day

Your voice

Calming the storms in my mind

Your Laughter

Nature’s most beautiful sound…

But all I have left

Is that scent

Yes, that special scent

Of you…



22 thoughts on “The Fragrance…

  1. Hmmmmm, ua also on dis bloggin thingy.. Ryt??. Nyc 1 bruv.. Ur 1st post?? & its talkin abt ma fragrance?? All gud.. M flattered. Lol. #NoHomo tho.. I’l b watchin dis space… I gat a blog too u knw. *windecking*
    M gonna ‘clown’ up dis ur blog.. Lol

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