I bet you all remember the popular story of Snow white and the seven dwarfs. And if you don’t, you need to enter a time warp and re-live your childhood! (no offense meant).

For those who haven’t, let me play safe and recap a bit. Remember how Snow white’s evil god mother would ask the mirror…”mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” And time and time again the mirror would reply “My queen, thou art the fairest one of all” (what a boring job).

As long as her loyal and rather diplomatic mirror continued to hail her as the hottest ‘babe’ alive she remained very happy…Of course you know one day the mirror had a different answer, and that was the day her self esteem crashed, and that was the beginning of the end…

My question for you is who or what is your mirror?

For some of you it’s your parents, your boyfriend, girlfriend, colleagues, cliques, career, the society, degree, your buddies, classmates, or even yourself.

Sadly, you could stand in front of whoever or whatever your ‘mirror’ is for the rest of your life. But I assure you, you won’t be a fulfilled man or woman on your death bed. Why? Because as long as you continue to base your thoughts, actions and decisions on what people say or how they feel about you, you will never achieve your highest level of greatness.

Think about it. How many of you studied courses in school because “that’s what my parents wanted me to read”. How many of you are in relationships just because “my friends think he’s a nice guy”. Or how many of you want to change something about your looks just because “someone said so”…And how many of you are currently into some form of business because “that’s what is reigning now”.

These are all examples of mirrors, and as long as you continue to seek their opinion, YOU WILL NEVER BE THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL.

The only genuine mirror is GOD. You have to look into Him and see your true reflection.

He sees that face you think is ugly as the most beautiful thing on earth.

He sees you as someone with an amazing future, even if you were raised in a broken home.

He sees you as someone that will bless the poor and needy even though you were raised in a poor family.

He sees you as a truely lovely being, regardless of your mistakes.

He sees you as the strongest man/woman alive even though your blood genotype says otherwise. He sees you as a wonderful child even though you feel worthless.

He sees you as a solution to the world’s problems even though you feel like a burden yourself.

He sees you as the most intelligent person no matter what your lecturers feel. And most importantly, He sees you as a very relevant part of His creation. He can’t even imagine His world without you.

Don’t you get it? GOD WOULD NEVER BE AS HAPPY AS HE IS IF HE HADN’T CREATED YOU. He loves you so much…And wants to be your only mirror…

Please make Him your mirror…You’ll surely see a beautiful reflection…

I love you…



  1. B.L.O.G.- Being the Love Of GOD, thats what its called. that is what you are doing. Baba, ride on, run on, keep looking at the face of JESUS. We would do more than fly!

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