Its dark, cold and lonely…he’s itching furiously from head to toe from the kind gestures being shown to him by hundreds of mosquitoes…his tummy is composing nice tunes, which remind him that he hasn’t eaten in days…his throat is begging for anything liquid, even acid will do right now. He looks up to the skies, but unfortunately can’t see any…all he sees is pitch blackness all round. He must be what? At least fifteen feet below the ground…thrown in by his own blood brothers!!!, Just because he’d told them how he had dreamt of the sun, moon and eleven stars bowing down to him.. “I want to die…I…just..want to die”..Joseph cries.




He turns on his fourteen inch TV, tunes the station to the Egyptian News Network (ENN) and opens the fridge to find something to eat…He needs to go shopping, and real soon, cos the fridge has become more of a cold object than for food storage. But he had become so busy, even 26 hours in a day wouldn’t be enough, ever since Potiphar had promoted him from an ordinary Israeli slave to his secretary, P.A, house keeper and chief of staff all in one.

Luckily he finds three slices of left over pizza and stuffs them into the microwave, while trying to make a cup of Egyptian coffee to go with it. He barely settles down to the first bite, when he receives a message on his blackberry…it reads, “J-BABY, I NEED YOUR ATTENTION IN MY QUARTERS IMMEDIATELY”…..He shakes his head in disbelief, what does the First Lady want him for at this time of the night, when oga was away on official duty…And when did he go from Joseph to ‘J-Baby’? But orders are orders, and the Egyptians, like the Italians, don’t joke with orders…He leaves his half-eaten pizza, grabs his coat and heads out of his flat…



He presses the door bell gently, and rather timidly, hoping there would be no answer, so he could turn and leave. Something feels terribly wrong about all of this…He checks his faded leather watch, it’s 11:15pm, and here he  is, a young bachelor, standing in front of his masters’ wife’s door…in his absence!!

Unfortunately, his prayer isn’t answered and there’s a soft “the door’s open honey” from inside…’Honey’? Joseph was getting more startled by the minute. Where did all these nicknames come from? He gingerly opened the door and stepped in…wow! It was like being in a penthouse suite at the Hilton. The sweet aroma of the finest Egyptian perfume hit his nose so hard he almost fell backwards. The sweet, sonorous voice of Whitney Houston was playing from an expensive Sony Sound system…And on the table were a bottle of champagne and two glasses…not to mention the soft glow of a candle light.

Then from the dim light she appeared, walking towards him, her hips swinging in perfect rhythm, her long, well tanned legs, perfectly lined shoulders and fully endowed figure. She had all the curves in all the right places…and her facial beauty, no woman in all of Egypt could compare…her hair was long and silky, reaching down to her waist line…and all she had on was her lingerie…

Before Joseph can utter a word, she wraps her arms around him, presses her body against his and is whispering some of the most seductive things he’s ever heard…”He’s trying to free himself from her grasp, his heart racing and only one thought on his mind..”I can’t do this evil thing against God!!!” Don’t worry baby”, she says, as if reading his thoughts…”His Excellency has travelled, and I’ve sent the guards away, we are all alone”…He frees himself and starts to walk towards the door, but she grabs his arm…”Joseph come on”, she says, I’ll give you anything you want, a house on the hill, a Range Rover Sport, even an appointment…just have sex with me”…

“I can’t sin against God, and what’s more? I won’t do this evil to my master after all the trust he’s given me, and all the love he’s shown me since he bought me as a slave…its wrong!!” he yells…and starts to walk away again…She grabs his coat again and this time it comes off him, but Joseph isn’t moved..Let her have the coat if she wants.

As he’s reaching for the door an alarm sounds inside the room, he can hear the footsteps of guards heading in his direction, and the First Lady on the floor, in her lingerie, screaming at the top of her voice, over and over again,…”Help!!! He tried to rape me!!!!!”




“Sit down, son”…

“Thank you sir”, Joseph replied, easing himself into the chair, facing the elderly man, in his early fifties, who was the Chief of Prisons

“Would you like a drink?”

“No thank you sir, I’m grateful though,” Joseph replied…

He took off his glasses, leaned forward and looked Joseph straight in the eyes…”You know son, I’ve been on this job thirty years now, and I’ve seen it all. Murderers, drug dealers, serial killers, rapists, arsonists…you name it. I know the kind of men I’ve come across thanks to this job. But you, son…” he paused for a bit, “you are different, there’s something about you…you don’t belong here. “I know you didn’t attempt to rape Potiphar’s wife as you’ve been accused of doing, I’m convinced of that in my spirit…”

“And in the five years you’ve been here, a lot has changed around here…All the other prisoners are now happy, everyone is cheerful, the crime rate within the prison has reduced drastically. And even the prison fellowship you started I hear is converting a lot of people into followers of your God…” Another pause…

“I’m proud of you son, and for that the Prison Executives Committee would like to appoint you as Head Prisoner. I’m placing you in charge of the welfare of all the other prisoners”……




“Your Excellency, the President of Russia is on line 1. The Presidents of Spain, Germany and Kenya are on lines 2, 3 and 4 respectively…and the Queen of England is requesting a meeting with you in person, she says they are almost out of food again”, his secretary said.

Joseph turned in his Executive chair to face her. He buried his head in his palms, feeling exhausted, and then stared up at her again…”alright Susan, what’s my itinerary for the day?”

She stared down at her note pad, “sir, you are scheduled for a meeting with Sheikh Al-Mareed, the Sultan of Saudi Arabia, the President of France and a military contingent from the People’s Republic of China, who are representing their president too. Matter of fact, the delegates from Mexico and Holland are waiting in your conference room sir.”

“Any of these people here to see me for anything other than the usual?” he asked…

“No sir, they all want to meet with you for the same reason, to order more food for their respective countries since the global famine began, the one you rightly predicted would last seven years”.

“That’s ok, please forward a copy of my agenda to my P.A, but first postpone the meeting with the delegates from Mexico and Holland. You can lodge them in my Presidential Quarters for the time being. Meanwhile, I need to meet with the Minister of Agriculture and Chairman of the World Bank immediately”.  And place a reminder on my private cell phone for dinner with my wife and kids at the Presidential Resort for tomorrow evening…”

“Immediately sir”, his secretary said…

Just then his P.A walked in, dressed in a smart, expensive looking suit…”Good morning sir,” he said, standing straight and at alert.

“Good morning Tony”, Joseph replied, “How are your wife and the baby?”

“Fine thank you sir”, his P.A replied, “Sir, the Presidential convoy is waiting to convey you to the glass house for your closed door meeting with the D7 committee. All security protocol has been carried out.”

A few minutes later, sitting in the back of his state-of-the-art limousine on his way to the glass house, Joseph closed his devotional, said a short prayer and then began to reflect on the past eight years of his life…

He had been thrown into a pit and left to die by his own blood brothers! Then he had been sold as a slave to Egypt…Just when things were starting to look up, his oga’s wife had tried to have sex with him…When he had refused, she accused him of rape and he was thrown into jail. He had interpreted Pharoah’s dream, been released from prison immediately and appointed as the Prime Minister of Egypt. He had gone from a prisoner to Egypt’s commander-in-chief overnight. A Disney fairytale, most people would call it.

He thanked God he hadn’t lost hope when his brothers threw him into the pit, or when he became an Egyptian slave, and then been tempted by his master’s wife to sleep with her. If he had, he would never have become the most powerful man in the world.

It had been so difficult…all the years of suffering and hardship, wondering if his dreams would ever come true. Here he was, through it all, controlling the supply of food to the entire world…

His phone rang, bringing him back to the present. He smiled when he saw the caller I.D. It was his wife, the First Lady. He answered, “hello darling…”



No matter what you are going through, no matter how hard life may be…NEVER give up, never quit on your dreams… All you are passing through is to make you a better person on your way to greatness. Let the story of Joseph motivate and inspire you…

I say to you, YOU CAN AND WILL MAKE IT! See you at the top…


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