360 degrees…

“OMG…what have I done!!!”? He stared at his blackberry in disbelief and absolute shock! He felt like a hot knife had just been pierced through his heart…what had he been thinking? How could he have made such a mistake. He wished he could hold the hands on the clock and force them backwards….to repair the damage he had done.

His knees felt weak and he sank into the sofa of his living room. He stared at his phone again, and read the five most dreaded words he had ever seen…

“Jide, are you cheating on me?”

Oblivious to his quiet surroundings and everything around him…He weaved his hands through his hair, and stared at the skies…actually at his well decorated ceiling with expensive crystal chandelier hanging. He took a deep breath…then a long, heavy sigh, bowed his head…and felt a tear trickle down his cheek and unto his Persian rug.


“Sweetheart, pass me the sugar please, this pancake mix isn’t quite sweet enough yet”.

“Ahn ahn, Tolu you like sugar too much…Oyin said as she stretched to get the sugar bowl from the top shelf.

“Abegie, free me jare, Oyin, afterall black man no dey catch diabeties…” Tolu said, trying to mock someone she could only describe as her sister. The two girls had met while in Unilag in their 100 level. Their friendship had only grown stronger over the years. Everyone who saw them together usually assumed they were sisters. And they were never quick to correct that notion.

Oyin laughed at hard at her friend, who always seemed to have something funny to say. She had come to spend the night at Tolu’s apartment because she didn’t want to have a boring and lonely night. The two friends were trying to make pancakes for dinner.

Suddenly Wizkid’s “I love my baby” began to play…

“Oyin, how many times have I told you to change that message tone, you never tire for am?” Tolu said…passing her friend’s phone over to her.

“I’m not, I love the song, plus I like Wizkid, and stop influencing me with broken English purleaaase…” Oyin replied with a smile…”Besides, it’s the special message tone for my baby.”

“Abeg na you first get baby, abi na you first fall in love, make I hear word jor…” Tolu said while laughing.

“Don’t be jealous my dear” Oyin replied while batting her eyelashes at her friend. She opened the text message, still laughing in excitement…

It happened so fast, faster than the speed of light. Her mood swung with the same force of a serve from a Serena Williams racquet. The expression on her face changed faster than superman changes his costume…

“Oyin, is there something wrong”? Tolu asked, watching her friend from the corner of the kitchen.

She stared, eyes wide, open mouthed at the text her boyfriend, Jide had just sent her…

It read…Hello Susan, I just got home, I want to thank you so much for making my evening. I enjoyed every second of our date. I can’t wait to see you again. Wish you were here with me, but I’ll have to wait. Have a nice night dear…”


17 thoughts on “360 degrees…

  1. Soooooo… Busted!!! Hmmmn adot.. Uve been in his shoes before abi.. ​​​​​​L̃̾Õ☺Õ̾Ô=D:D=));)ÕÔ☺ÔÕ̾L̃̾. Lovely write up.

  2. WTF? I trust A.D.O.T. He can’t make such a silly mistake. Well it pays to be faithful. I love tis bro, dnt luv U̶̲̥̅̊ tho. I aint no gay.

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