He lay on his back on the beach sands, exhausted…well, he was usually this exhausted after every night of fishing.

But there’s a big difference between being exhausted and happy, and being exhausted when you’re depressed. He gazed at the stars, feeling like the weight of ten elephants pressed against his chest.

He cursed his luck, he couldn’t believe this! How could he, Simon Peter, the greatest fisherman in the entire continent, be this unlucky. He had a ph.D from Harvard in Fishing Technology, as well as a Doctorate in Fish Engineering from Yale. Top that with fifteen years of running one of the biggest fishing conglomerates in Gennesaret. Yet he and his colleagues had spent the entire night at sea, using all their years of skill and experience, and caught NOTHING!! Not even a small baby fish.

What would he tell his wife, he had promised to give her money for her “aso ebi” and “ankara” for her friend’s birthday. His son had called from school the day before demanding more pocket money. And he needed to repair his Mercedes Benz, which had broken down again. Plus he owed the bank. His finances were in a mess, and he had been hoping to catch enough fish tonight so he could make money to settle some bills.

It seemed all the fish had held a meeting the previous day and agreed to avoid his net. Nothing he or his colleagues had tried, even the expensive bait had not worked.   He was fed up, depressed, and hated the world right now.


He woke up suddenly, his eyes still trying to adjust to the early morning sun rays. He could see his colleagues washing the nets in the water. “Why were they even washing them? After all they had caught nothing,” Simon thought. His attention turned to where they had stowed their boats the night before, and he saw a man standing inside it. His first reaction was one of anger. “How dare this man try to steal my boat!!” he thought.

On getting close to the boat however, he noticed that the man inside the boat had this amazing ‘swag’ about him, somewhat angelic. He was calm, gentle and had the aura of a ‘big boy’. “This was no thief”, Simon thought. There was a crowd gathering behind him too, like he was some celebrity or something. He couldn’t recall the face from any magazine though.

“Simon, good morning, please let your boat into the water a bit so I can sit in it and teach the people from there” the man said. Simon didn’t hesitate, but gently pushed the boat into the water with the man sitting inside.

The man began to speak to the people, and Simon couldn’t believe his ears. These were the most powerful words he’d ever heard, he was so touched…he could feel his soul being renewed.

He later learnt from someone in the crowd that the man’s name was Jesus. After Jesus had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “thanks for letting me use your boat, now let’s move into the deep waters, there you can let your nets into the water”.

Simon replied…”Sir, my colleagues and I spent the whole of last night fishing, and caught absolutely nothing. But we’ll give it another try, because you’ve asked us to.” And so they did, and lo and behold! Fish after fish, in their thousands!! Began swimming into the nets! It was as though the fish were contesting to see who could get in first.

The nets were suddenly filled, and began breaking! Even the boats were so full. They had to scream for other fishermen to come and help them out. And even with that, there was no space to contain the millions of fish that were pouring into all the nets and boats…

And seeing this, Simon fell down on his knees, for he realized that Jesus Christ was no ordinary man…

No matter how many times you have tried and failed, God wants you to know that your failure is over. No matter how much you’ve struggled at something, DO NOT GIVE UP!  All you have to do is allow Jesus into your boat…Let him use your boat, let him take over whatever it is you’ve been trying to accomplish… You can never be too good at anything in life to not need His hand.

After all, He created you. He designed your future, and only He can guide you into the glorious and wonderful life He’s prepared for you.

Just like the nets and boats couldn’t contain the fish, God will bless you so much you can’t possibly contain them.ss

He is saying to you…Let down your nets…will you?

 Luke 5: 1-10


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