As I sat back in the back of the airport cab…I turned on my ipod and flipped through, looking for something to keep me company… Apart from the boring  nonstop complaints of the taxi driver.

He  probably felt I would be having a meeting with Goodluck Jonathan that evening. And so wanted to pour out his heart to me on every single thing he felt was wrong with the country..

“Oga mi”, he continued, “you know say tins just hard anyhow, how can small minimum wage or eighteen thousa…”

There! Whew! I finally cut him off with my earphones… God bless Dr. Dre for this amazing sound proof piece for escaping unwanted conversations at times like these…

My attention turned to my ipod…I had unknowingly clicked the “why me” video by D’Banj. As I watched I couldn’t help laughing and wondering. “So this guy actually ‘invented’ the wearing of dark shades no matter the weather forecast.

These days young naija peeps can be seen sporting dark shades even at night… uh hmmm, bet I have some guilty peeps reading this and blushing.  How they see through them still beats me till now.

My mind took a jump off the diving board and right into the pool called the past…I began to recall some of the trends that had made waves over the years.

Remember those ‘mickey mouse’ shades and fake plastic ‘rolex’ watches we used to wear every Christmas as kids? I mean if you didn’t have one then you were dulling big time…

Then to the era of ‘sagging’. Then it was a huge crime for your trousers to be seen around your waist. It had to be at least two inches below depending on the size of your butt. As silly and irresponsible as it might seem to you now…You know back then you just had to do it. I remember wanting to own a bandana so bad just because Tupac wore them…

I remember slangs like “fashi” and “arrow” which we said then in secondary school…men these memories got me laughing in this cab like I’m crazy (in a good way of course).

Then more recently, we talk of skinny jeans. Even Fat Albert wants to wear them, it’s ridiculous. We got people who can barely fit into an elevator trying to squeeze into them, no matter how they look in it.

This got me thinking…EVERY trend, whether music, fashion, speech or in whatever category, is started by ONE person.

You have millions of people all over the world crazy about owning, doing or saying something that’s in vogue. Yet remember, it was ONE person’s idea.

I sank deeper in thought…It takes only ONE person to turn millions of people into fanatical addicts of something, even to the ‘zombie’ level. It takes only ONE man to start a new religion, even if it’s worshipping plants. And trust me, there’s actually a religion like that, with millions of followers. Weird right? Again, ONE man started it.

Nigerians are so crazy about Blackberry now…Some people would sell their left ear just to own the newest curve, torch or bold, yet it was ONE man that had the idea to produce it.

Facebook and twitter have billions of users, yet they were ONE person’s idea.

You have the power to influence people…from one to ten to thousands, even millions. If you’ll only be determined and dare to be THE ONE. You’re not a nobody, you have the potential to change the world.

Some people are crazy about artistes like Chris Brown and Beyonce, yet they have singing talents themselves that are wasting. There are definitely things you are good at. Discover them and make a change today.

You could be a positive influence to people everywhere, create a trend, something everyone will one to say, wear, think or do. The power lies in you.

God has deposited so much talent and abilities within you, you have more wealth in you than a hundred diamond mines.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Rise up to the challenge today and be THE ONE…

I believe in you…



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