Are you rich, or wealthy?

We grew up with the concept…that money’s necessary for survival…necessary to live, necessary to exist, necessary to even breathe…hmmmm…Money, so much has been said about it, it’s the root of all evil…etc etc…The truth is, I just had to blog about this…because it’s come to a point where I’ve made a sad and shocking discovery. That money DEFINES and CONTROLS who we are…

I know most of you will be quick to say “that’s not true” or “that doesn’t include me”. But let me do a quick break down…Some privileged few grew up like Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America” with servants tying your shoes and brushing your teeth and walking on rose petals…and trust me I do envy you sometimes. However, for most of us growing up, we were born into average families with parents that had to work hard to earn every penny. We had parents who were working so hard, and some of them are still working till now. Calculate that, that’s how many years of working…maybe thirty, forty? Or even more. All to pay school fees, house rents, bills, bills and more bills. Some of them did eventually become mega rich…but compared to how hard they worked, how rich did they really become? Most of them literally spent their lives chasing money. And in my opinion, they never found it…

Many of you had mums and dads who were hardly ever at home because of their jobs and business…Now it was all out of love, so they could take care of you…But truth be told would you want to not be there for your kids because you’re ‘making money’? Bitter as the truth may be, most of the older generation literally spent their entire lives being slaves to money, whether in thousands or in billions…and are still slaves to it today…

We’ve missed the concept completely! Our parents would tell us those days, “go to school so you can graduate and get a good job”…Good advice…

A good job = Good salary = A good bank account = Having plenty money

The more money a person has, the more he starts to dream of having things he couldn’t afford before, and so the money he has suddenly is not enough, and so he wants more.

Ladies, you know that feeling? When you walk through a mall and see that amazing pair of shoes, or that shiny Swarovski necklace, or that Zara top…that you had absolutely no intention of buying. Now  you’re captivated, and you just must have it no matter the cost…Now trending, Brazilian hair…even someone with a salary of just fifty thousand naira wants to wear hair three times her salary…ask me how? A guy who’s just an ordinary teller at the bank wants to own the newest BMW and live in Lekki…again, ask me how?

Sadly, most of us young people have completely missed it…We keep comparing ourselves to others who are driving flashy cars,  using expensive phones, living in posh houses and travelling from country to country with ease… There’s absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to own these things…it’s good to aim higher and be ambitious…Afterall, I also want to drive the latest cars and live a luxurious life and all of that…When it’s wrong, is when those thoughts start to control your mind…When all you can think about is how to buy the latest things and roll with those in the upper class, even when you know you’re not yet there…LIFE IS IN STAGES.

You don’t know how some people you envy made this money…Some have sold their manhoods, some killed for it, some stole or looted people or the government, I mean I could go on and on… Respect to all those who made an honest living…Because that’s me, I have more respect for a woman roasting corn or selling ground nuts to survive, than for a billionaire who has killed, cheated or stolen money to get to where he or she is…It’s amazing what people do for money…Young, beautiful girls will sleep with old, worn out men that can be their grandfathers…Young men with having sex with women older than their grandmothers, even many lesbians and homosexuals are in it just for the money…

I ask, money to do what? Buy phones, cars, throw parties and generally just blow it…And if ‘change’ manages to remain, maybe invest a little? These days a poor, even average guy can’t find a wife…most ladies want a ‘ready made’ husband or boyfriend, a man who will take care of “all my needs”…Please when did Blackberry torch and long artificial hair used by someone else already become needs?  Food and shelter are needs, most of what people want is just greed.

Again, don’t get me wrong…I’d love my woman to look gorgeous and own cool stuff…But when it’s a priority, even when it can’t be afforded, is where there’s a problem.

Young men these days, most of us would do anything to make money. Every sin under the sun has been committed in the name of money, and it’s so sad…One sugar mummy was trying to ‘toast’ me the other day, you wouldn’t believe it…This woman couldn’t be less than forty or fifty something years old, old enough to be my mum…She promised me any car of my choice and a house any where I wanted in Abuja…with lots of money of course… I’m not a saint, so I won’t pretend like I wasn’t moved…It was very tempting. I mean, she was offering me things I would have to work hard for years to own…all in an instant…All I had to do was make her happy by having sex with her… My father is no Dangote, and I sure would have loved to accept the offer, but I thought to myself…” Isn’t my life not worth more than this?”  Would I be proud to tell my children…”hey kids! Daddy got rich by sleeping with an old woman”. The truth is NO. And if there’s anything, absolutely anything you do to make money that you won’t be proud  to tell your children, then it’s not worth it…

If money was everything, I ask you…why are there many people who are crazily rich but still very miserable? Why are there billionaires who commit suicide? Why would men and women that own everything in the world cry themselves to sleep and night and suffer heart attacks and strokes? That’s because…THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN MONEY…

Money is meant to be at your beck and call, under your control, answering to you and not the other way round…God created you with a destiny, a vision and a purpose, and not to spend your entire existence trying to fatten bank accounts that you’ll die and live behind… There should be ONLY one reason why you want to have money in abundance, and that’s to help mankind, to touch and improve lives everywhere you go…To take care of the needy and the less privileged…Can’t you see? With all the billions of dollars people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have given to charity, they only keep getting richer?

God is ready to bless young people, yes! That includes YOU! With money beyond your wildest dreams…But  He is looking for those who are ready to use it for the benefit of mankind…Not selfish, materialistic people, who can never be satisfied no matter how much they own…It’s the kind of money you won’t have to struggle for, or do things against your wish for. You’ll have to work, but you won’t struggle. Mind you there’s a difference between hard work and struggling, though these days ‘hustling’ is the new word for “struggling without results”.

God is looking for people who will use money to impact the world, fulfill their dreams and help others fulfill theirs too. Such people are called  WEALTHY…Those who only want to pile it up and spend lavishly, so as to make a false point to society, are RICH…

So, I ask you today, DO YOU WANT TO BE RICH,…OR WEALTHY? Choose wisely…

You CAN and WILL make it, do the right things and believe in God alone.


9 thoughts on “Are you rich, or wealthy?

  1. I prefer to be very wealthy than to be very rich because those people you help will always pray for you, be wealthy is having for you, your family and other

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