It was 3am, but the last thing on her mind was sleep…She stared in the mirror, and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing…She looked like a corpse…her cheekbones protruding, her eyes had sunk deep into their sockets, her face pale…stricken with grief and worry…Her hair was ruffled and very dirty…Her clothes were dirty and had blood stains…She hadn’t eaten in days, she had no appetite.

She sat on the floor of her room, bottles containing different kinds of pills scattered all around her…Pills of all shapes and sizes, in their thousands…Different leaves and herbs, and all manner of concoctions all around her…That was all her house was full of.

She screamed at the top of her lungs…”Nooooooo!!! God please help me, I don’t want to die…God….pleeeease!!!”…She began to sob profusely, her frail body shaking uncontrollably…Her tears were endless, the pain in her heart was too deep…”God, if there’s anything I’ve done to deserve this, I’m sorry, please have mercy…the tears continued, her whole body was trembling…sorrow and depression engulfed her entire being. She lay across the bare floor, and continued to sob, she had nearly lost her voice from endless crying. She was dying, and she knew it.

It had all started twelve years ago. She had been very wealthy and successful. She was a fashion icon and owned one of the biggest designer outfits in the world…She was never in the same city more than a week…She was travelling around the world, opening outlets for her clothing line in New York, Paris, Rome, Geneva…you name the city, and be sure there was a branch of “Charlene’s Desire” there. That was the name of her designer label. Most celebrity women were using one of her products or the other. From shoes, bags and make up, to dresses and lingerie.  Charlene was young, very beautiful and elegant. She had curves in the perfect places and turned heads everywhere she went. She was every man’s dream, and most women’s envy. To crown it all, she was one of the richest young women in the world. Forbes had predicted that at the rate her success was climbing, she could be the world’s richest woman in the next five years.

The collapse of her world all began one evening. She was meant to be attending a dinner organized by the first lady. She was dressed in a lovely white gown and nice red heels…But just as she was stepping out of her house, the maid pointed and exclaimed from behind her…”Ma’am!! Is…is that blood on your dress?”

That was the beginning of her misery and woes. From that day she had been bleeding nonstop for twelve years!!! Twelve whole years!!! She began to go from one hospital to another, all to no avail. She had been examined by all the best doctors in the world, and still she couldn’t find a cure. She had spent huge amounts on drugs and injections. She had even undergone surgery twice. Still the bleeding never stopped. Her career began to crumble, her finances began to fall apart and her designer label began folding up. She went from a billionaire celebrity icon to a bankrupt nobody. She had spent all her money on treatment, most of them excruciating and very expensive. And still the bleeding continued.

She lost all her clients. Her friends began to leave her one by one. Even her family deserted her. Everyone called her a burden. She had sold her houses, cars and jewellery. And even borrowed money from the bank and couldn’t pay back…Desperate, she had visited traditional and witch doctors for help. She had swallowed every pill under the sun and drank every mixture prescribed.  Still, the bleeding wouldn’t stop…It only kept getting worse.

The next morning, she overheard her neighbours talking excitedly…About a certain Jesus passing through her town that day. They kept talking about a big miracle he had done, feeding over five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two fish…

Three hours later, she was in the midst of a huge crowd…she could hardly breathe…she was being pushed and shoved…But she was determined to get to Jesus. She thought to herself, as she struggled through the terrible crowd….“All I need is a touch, just a touch of His clothes…and I’ll be completely healed of this disease that has wrecked me”.

She was getting closer…closer…closer, now she could see the back of his head. He had long silky hair and He kept walking, engulfed by the crowd. She was suddenly blind to the crowd, she focused, and all she could see was Him…she was almost there! She suddenly bent down…and stretched her hand as far as it could go. She thought she had missed it, but suddenly she felt her outstretched fingers touch the tip of His cloak…

It was an absolute miracle! She felt a rushing wind flow from her finger tips, through her arm and through her entire body. It was like a cold, soothing sensation. And suddenly the bleeding stopped! Twelve years of endless bleeding ceased. It dried up instantly! She felt so refreshed, so relieved, and began to cry. But for the first time in twelve years, they were tears of joy.

She was finally free…

P:S It doesn’t matter what you are going through. Your situation might have gone on for many years. You might have given up completely. But there’s hope for you.

All you need is to reach out for a touch…of Jesus.


8 thoughts on “JUST A TOUCH

  1. Dis truly shows ow powerful our God is,u don’t av scream day nd nyt, or run about, all u nid is his touch.stop fretin nd allow d comforter take control

  2. Wow,same story i have read and heard for 20yrs+ but i still couldn’t hold a tear back.
    The description is just divine.
    Well done

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