All around the world, millions of women look to the heavens

Many of them weeping long and hard for endless nights

Their eyes constant waterfalls, their cheeks the rocks on which the tears flow

Their knees worn out, from kissing the floors in prayer

Many hearts have bled…many voices cracked like glass..

Many have been mocked, gossiped about…and laughed to scorn

For the lack of that one precious seed, that births a beautiful fruit…

But on the other side of the coin….

Some women are drowning in the ocean of fear

Some are stuck in a pit of confusion

Reality has dealt her a ‘Mohammed Ali’… a cruel blow

She has lost all hope, all belief…all faith

Now a prisoner to the chains of fate

Because she never planned this

Two options, two choices…

Different views, too many voices

To either remove the growing seed, or grit her teeth and be strong

It’s a beautiful fruit, but the season is wrong…

She can’t stand the mockery, the reject, the shame…

Society’s naming ceremony, giving her a new name…

The grief, the regret, the pain…

She isn’t a cheap whore…

She’s wonderful and precious, like a hinge to the door

Loved by the Gardener, who planted the seed…

Who nurtures it, like only He can

Who gives it the water…of life

Till it becomes something special…A fruit

A thing of beauty…a source of laughter and hope

With a bright future, an amazing destiny…

And a long and glorious path to tread on…

The Gardener…is God, the giver of life

That fruit…is a baby…

That baby…was you


P.S: No matter the circumstances that surrounded your birth…ALWAYS REMEMBER…you were NEVER a mistake…Your parents may not have planned you…but God did…

You are, and always will be…SPECIAL






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