Recently I’ve been hearing and seeing this term everywhere: “runz galz“…*clearing throat* and I bet many of you have too… Well, the clause, abi na phrase…has been around for many years…but recently it seems to be everywhere…especially the social media. What caught my attention now is the fact that its associated with so much negative stuff these days…girls being raped left right and center, being used for blood money…etc etc.

So, are we blaming facebook, twitter, hi5 (lol, how can we forget the founding father)…and now, the king of them all…his, abi is it her royal highness BBM…for all these ‘tragedies’? Yeah, the inverted commas are intentional…coz the truth is, as much as these stories we hear of young girls lives being cut short so brutally, their deaths could have so easily been avoided…  The fact that you meet someone on twitter, facebook, blackberry or even the old fashioned “can i have your number style”, doesn’t mean you should end up in the person’s bed…well, if you must it shouldn’t be for money or material gain…I may be wrong, but last time I checked, that was defined as PROSTITUTION…  These chics were not killed or raped by bloodthirsty-animalistic-horny- sex-starved freaks…but by this five letter word… GREED.

Why would a young girl who’s supposed to be in school studying to become something meaningful in future travel to meet an old married man in a hotel, just to have sex with him? All in the name of money. It’s like…”use what to have to get what you want” So, if you have a body that makes a man get an erection, use it to ‘erect’ money, cars, houses, brazilian hair, trips to Dubai from him… Many girls call it wisdom…I call it a mental disorder…If you can’t afford something, it’s one of two options: WORK HARD & GET IT or FORGET IT! This runz thing, as I’ve observed, is in levels, like a food chain…Those sitting on top are those at the corporate level…Ladies who work in banks, oil companies, NGOs and other corporate organizations…the ones who look sweet and responsible in their skirt suits and high heels, yet sleep with top executives and other big boiz…like seriously?????

Today I saw a link from an extract on Linda Ikeji’s blog  of a chat on Blackberry Messenger, popularly referred to as BBM, where a girl was being ‘priced’ by some dude so he could have sex with her…He promised her fifty thousand naira for normal sex, and asked if she’ll collect 70k for stuff like anal sex and a blow job…crazy right? I would expect any normal lady, abi na babe or chic…(these days i hardly know the difference) to feel highly insulted by such nonsense…but guess what?
She asked the guy to pay 100k if he wanted those ‘extra services’….hmmmmm, services o! She has become a service provider…with her body. Anyway, she suggested that if he would pay 500k…let me stress that! That’s half a million naira, she would bring him a lesbian half cast so they could have a threesome. In fact, she said if his friends would pay 500k EACH she could bring more girls so they could have a wild sex party. Mind you, this is no novel…it actually happened! And this girl is not a prostitute standing on Allen Avenue, she’s a university student…who’s meant to be in school studying…God dey!

Sometimes when I hang out with friends, the things we see…*bowing my head in prayer* Old worn out men with equally worn out brains and worn out consciences…rubbing their worn out hands all over the fresh skins of young girls dressed almost naked…All for what? MONEY… The sad part is, its a perverted cycle…spread your legs, collect money, spend it on Brazilian hair, clothes, shoes, new phones and other foolish things, spread your legs again and the cycle continues…

Ask me why such girls would not get raped or used for money rituals…How can a lady follow a complete stranger to a strange place to have sex with him. How could she possibly know his motive?  For all you know, it’s a young girl’s blood he needs for his ill gotten wealth to continue to flow…   It seems most girls these days see their bodies as a commodity to be sold to any buyer who can afford it in order to make money…Forgetting that most men, no matter how they appear on the outside, are werewolves on the inside. Most of them would gladly have wild sex with a woman even if he has to make her unconscious to do it…Many of these rich men are thieves, murderers and occultists…Blood is the source of their money, houses and cars, and only blood can keep it flowing.   Young girls, don’t let your blood be next on some evil person’s agenda, all for some stupid change…even 100 trillion naira isn’t worth your life or womanhood.

A friend of mine, a lady…was offered a job with a real estate firm in their marketing department. Now the cheapest house in that estate is three hundred million naira…And they gave her a target of ten houses to be sold in one month.   Please tell me how a young girl is supposed to help a company make three billion naira in one month. Anyway, the story continues, she kept trying her best to meet the so-called target as many top shots and big boys as she could, in order to convince them to buy…and most of them kept making promises to do so.

Next thing, she started receiving phone calls from these potential clients at odd hours…and all she heard were things like…”I’m in so so hotel, come and meet me here now…” or “I’m in so so place, come let’s spend some nights together….” No need to continue the story, you get the gist…

Its 6:30am…and I haven’t caught any sleep…so let me wrap up this article before my bed breaks up with me… Young ladies, this is not an attack…I duff my hat to every lady reading this…especially to the nice, decent ones who keep themselves clean despite all the pressure and temptations to join the ‘runz‘ train…ee no easy, and I respect you for that…   Any lady engaging in it, no one can judge you coz none of us is perfect…But you have to quit before you self-destruct… Your life has no monetary value, please don’t cut it short coz of some loose change…   God bless our women…

Good night, abi na good morning…

19 thoughts on “TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR SALE…

  1. ” I call it Mental Disorder” hahahaha!
    ADOT a gurl tat I knw was tempted wiv ” BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK” and she was “PROPERLLY” used for rituals. She spent a weekend, got a bb playbook, and she died mysteriously d ff week.
    Wat amazes me is tat d news is everywia, and it keeps happenin. Ok o. Life continues o.

  2. For some strange reasons why do i feel that this recent ‘issue’ of ladies was supposed to be a once upon a time story, maybe because i felt that technology, education and enlightenment would make choices easier to make for those that find it hard. Apparently, this is a very current issue and you have broken it down really. I always remember it takes two to engage in any act. As a lady, i really wonder what’s up with all the obviously bad choices i read, and then i remember the act of the guys and then i say, that’s What’s up.. #iambiased#

    1. The guys also have a huge chunk of the blame…in short without the irresponsibility on the part of the men, the ladies would have nothing to motivate such acts…i havent even ventured into some extreme cases involving homosexuality…the topic is so wide…but for this article i chose to concentrate on sending a message to the ladies…coz apparently, they’re the ones who end up paying most of the price…

  3. Lovely piece Adot. Am speechless with what is happening in our Present society, trust me, most of this girls know that the irresponsible old stinking good for nothing men are into rituals and all but guess what, they don’t care because they want to be tagged as “BIG’s Girls”.I learnt something new during my nysc, most of the girls lose their womb to ritualist while some of them go mad and yet It did not stop the greedy ones from their runz business. So there are other ways of performing their ritual activities.

  4. Yup, the same story goes on and on. Some would wonder why all the warnings fall on deaf ears. Watched a movie, cnt recall the name right now though, but the movie was basically based on how a young well brought up gal got into prostitution as a result of peer pressure. I believe the culprit to the deaf ears is jst that, PEER PRESSURE in combination with a LACK of SELF WORTH and LACK of the KNOWLEDGE of GOD and HIS WORD, maybe a combination of all 3. The latter ranks highest in the cause. Its so sad, rilly it is. The need to feel among, wear the most expensive clothes and such has eluded the thinking of many, not that the social media helps, in a way I still feel the solution to it is a far cry, as u say, God bless women.

  5. You said not to judge, but you have judged. I had to scroll Up to see the name of this piece. ‘too beautiful for sale’ abi? Meaning fornication and adultery can be condoned, so far the intent isn’t material Gain. All you kept hammering on is how and why ladies do it for the money. So I guess its OK to do it for love, or for fun, or its OK for guys to do it. Last I checked Gold digging is also a mans job. I guess u should write an articule to that effect.

    1. Lol…*dodging bombs and bullets* wheeeew. everything u have said is correct. However I wrote this article with respect to the very popular tragic incident which befell Cynthia. It wasn’t to judge or condemn anyone…Apologies if it had that undertone. I’d need to write a whole book
      On gold digging to cover the entire topic. On whether if fornication and adultery are ok if it isn’t for material gain, I’d say it’s best left to the people involved least I end up ‘judging’ again. Lol

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