the trance

It was like a wrestling match…

There in the front seats of my car…

Here I was…kissing a lady!


A lady I had met…barely 2 hours ago

She was already calling me her baby…


Now I feel like I need my bib…and a feeding bottle

Now she wants to borrow my car

My car?

Who does she think she is?

My brand new car? I must be dreaming

Or she must be joking…or both

But as if I’m in a trance, I hand her my keys…without a word

She steps into the driver’s seat

She blows me a kiss…

I blow her one back…

Wait! When did I start blowing kisses?

And she tears off at stop speed

Leaving me in a cloud of fumes

From the exhaust of my car…or hers?


No sign of her, or the car…

How do I explain?

That I willingly surrendered my car keys

To a total stranger…

A diva…or rather, a temptress…I hardly know


Yes! It must be her

I open the door in excitement

I.D cards flash before my eyes

I’m under arrest?

Me?! A law abiding citizen…

My car…used in a bank robbery?

No time to explain…

Hard cold hand cuffs are forced violently on my wrists

I’m forced outside

I try to explain…again

Deaf ears!

I’m being shoved…

Into a police car…

Another shove!

Till I open my eyes…

To see my little niece, Tamara

Shoving my arm…

Smiling at me

And saying…in her cute little voice

“Uncle George…wake Up!”


7 thoughts on “THE TRANCE

  1. That is the more reason why you need a car tracking and remote shut down solution…a form of security and automation shud in case it happens in the real life….lol.

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