It’s the 20th of January…already!

And I promised to blog more this year…

Damn new year resolutions…can’t believe I fell for that crap again!

Oops! I said’crap’ …and I said I wouldn’t use that word this year too…

And another resolution bites the dust…*teary eyes*

Its 2013…

And if you’re reading this, I want to start by saying a big CONGRATULATIONS to you

Yeah, I know its stale…I’m 20 days late

But still, I’ve got to say it

I’m happy you’re alive

And as long as you’re breathing

There’s HOPE for you

Forget about how last year turned out

You had your heart broken?

You lost money?

Lost someone you really love?

Didn’t achieve half…or even a quarter of what you thought you would?

Perhaps your year was full of misery…

Please give me a minute

*now checking my calendar*

Yep! Thought as much…it’s 2013!

2012 is gone…

Never to return

And it went along with every single piece of luggage it had

Leaving NOTHING behind…absolutely NOTHING!

It’s a new beginning for you…

This year will surely be amazing

Dare to dream, and dream BIG too

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done

You’re a star

You’re a success

Take that bold step

Try that thing you failed at, again!

Apply for that job

Apply for that scholarship

Start that new business idea

Fall in love

Forgive those that hurt you

Take a shot at that thing you’ve always wanted to do

Be that person you’ve always wanted to be

You will get it right this time!

Don’t be afraid…

The path behind you may have been rough

But the one ahead is lined with rose petals

For you, it is…

A fresh start

A new chapter

A new page, in an empty book

The ink is in your hands

Pick yourself up…

Wipe the dust off your body

Be bold!

Fear nothing

Challenge Everything

For as Nike says…


Have an awesome year ahead

You CAN and WILL make it!

And yeah…before I shut my big mouth…or in this case, Microsoft Word…*laughing out loud* (I’ll be laughing at my own
jokes this year…so get used to it).

Now where was I?



Your story is different from theirs…it’s unique

And in that story…you end as a success!


2 thoughts on “2013

  1. Great job A.D.O.T…ur blogs av always given me a postive mindset which can neva b altered.As u’v taken ur tym 2elevate all dt’ll b readin ur blogs…so will God bless u beyond measures&father u tru d journey of ur life as a man.Amen.well done bro…

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