I’m confused…

So confused…

What do they want?

What do people really want…from me?

When I was six feet plus…they said I was too tall, too intimidating

I cut down my height…became four feet

They said I was too short…too insignificant…they called me a midget

When I was chubby, or plump as I prefer to call it…

They called me fat, obese, a glutton…

So I went on this crazy diet…nearly starved to death!

Just had to lose weight…

Guess what?

Still the same people talked…

Called me too skinny…too full of bones…an anorexic

So I tried laughing it off…tried always being happy

I was labelled a clown, too playful, too unserious, and irresponsible

So I wiped off my smile…took on a tough, hardened look

No more laughter…surely that would make these people happy finally…right?


They called me a sadist, a lout…degenerate!

Really? Do my ears deceive me?

Ok…I know exactly what would please them…

I tried being really nice to everyone…tried to be kind and sweet

Always cheerful…ever willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need

Surely…surely…now everyone would be pleased? I mean, everyone loves a philanthropist…right?

Wrong? No way! But I was…

They called me a goody two shoes

Some asked me…”who do you think you are? Mother Theresa?”

Would you rather I was Adolf Hitler?

So I decided to mind my business…I withdrew my helping hand of love and kindness…

At least that will be the end of their name calling…

If I only knew…that would earn me the biggest label of all

I was branded evil, wicked…they called me “someone with a cold, stony heart”

I can’t stand it anymore!

There really is no way, absolutely no way…of making people happy

You can’t make the world love or appreciate you

Only a few, if any at all

Will love you for who you are…

With your flaws

And mistakes

And imperfections…

In the end, the most important thing…

Is to be yourself

Love yourself

Accept you for who you are…and most importantly…

Be your own hero…

Because that’s what you are…

A hero…

And what’s more?

You’re special…

Loved by the only One whose opinion matters…




9 thoughts on “HERO

  1. it isn’t easy pleasing people, you think no one is satisfied, but don’t forget there are people who are just satisfied even though they don’t show it! How do you justify this?

    1. Oh well…there are, and will always be people who like and appreciate you…but without showing it? It’s ;like buying me a gift but never giving it to me. As for the few who show us, I think we should focus on loving such people more….and forget about those we always have to try and please or impress..thanks for reading the write up..

  2. This write up reminds me of a Display pic I saw recently, if u try to please every1 you’d simply go ballistic. I believe once your happy (not at the expense of others ofcourse) and your doing right by ur maker, you are so good to go. Nice 1!

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