I heaved a deep sigh!!!!! I had been sitting in the car for about twenty minutes…

I really didn’t know if this was a good idea, but I didn’t have a choice…I couldn’t hold it any more. It had been six months and I was tired of lying to myself.

I was tired of the drinking, the excessive clubbing….and all these women! I couldn’t believe how many of my ex-girlfriends I had reconnected with in the past six months. All in the name of trying to escape my loneliness. There was no hiding it anymore, or lying to myself…I had to face the truth. I had made a big mistake, and I was the only one that could correct it.


I missed her so much! Our relationship had been a match made in heaven…We weren’t just lovers, we were best friends. She was the sister I never had, my confidante, she was everything to me. You know how most men have issues they can only discuss with their guys, their boys or their paddis? Well, I had no such issues…Nancy had been my guy…or as ladies would say, my bestie! There was nothing, and I mean, absolutely nothing I could not tell her.

I never kept anything from her. Even the one and only time I cheated on her, I did something most (if not every guy) would consider insane. I confessed it to her…There I was, on my knees, clutching her by the waist, begging for forgiveness. And guess what? She had forgiven me. Wasn’t that easy though, it had taken weeks and weeks of pleading, sending her flowers, gifts and “I’m sorry boo” notes on a daily for her to take me back.

We had been through it all. Good times, bad times, ugly times! She had been there for me through the rough and tough, as well as the blissful and beautiful. You think there’s no such thing as the perfect woman? I agree with you. But trust me, there’s such a thing as a woman that’s perfect for you….And I had found one…Nancy! It had been four wonderful years…

Why did I let her go? You may ask. Honestly, I don’t know…what I do know is that it’s been the biggest mistake of my life. Men, men…hmmmmm…we can be so confused. Sometimes we are foolish enough to allow someone so amazing walk away from us…

Ok, enough talking! I needed to go see Nancy. I got down from the car, and walked gingerly to her front door. Was I nervous? My sweaty palms seemed to agree with my mind. I knocked on the door gingerly. I heard a voice say “Hold on a minute, I’m coming”…Gosh! I had missed her voice like crazy! The sound of it sent a warm, sedating feeling through me…confirming what was hardly in doubt anyway…I still loved her.

I gulped in anticipation while I heard her footsteps coming towards the door from the other side…I shut my eyes…took another deep breath, and then opened them again.

There was a click…and the door swung open…

There she stood, in a lovely red dress…what do women call it again? Boobtub… or was it boobtube? I keep mixing these things up.

But that’s not what mattered…she looked so stunning! She radiated the kind of beauty I had never seen in any woman.

She looked surprised and lost for words…We held each other’s gaze for a few seconds, felt like hours though. The silence was awkward.

Finally she blurted out…”Nick, what are you doing here”?

I tried to reply…”I…I…errrr…Nancy…”

She shook her head and said…”Ok, I’m sorry, that was rude…it’s just…I’m really surprised to see you”

“I know…” I said…”I should have called before coming. But wasn’t sure you’d agree to see me if I had…mind if I come in?”

“Errr…sure!” She said stepping aside to allow me enter. Obviously my unexpected visit had taken her by surprise and she was trying to regain her composure…

We kept on with small talk…Asking each other about work, family and all of that…But I knew why I was here, and couldn’t contain myself anymore…

Suddenly I grabbed both her hands…looked her in the eyes and said; “Nancy, I can’t go on like this, I need you in my life….I miss you!”

“Err…Nick,” she tried to cut in…

“Nancy…please come back to me…I love you, I never stopped loving you. I can’t bear to live another day without you…”

“Nicholas…” she said…but before she could go on I continued…

“Baby, look…all this while I should have come back for you, and I’ve realised what a fool I’ve been”… I shook my head in embarrassment. “I’ve been out almost every night clubbing and drinking…But it hasn’t taken my loneliness away…I’ve even tried dating someone else, but she doesn’t come anywhere close to you”…I could feel my heart beating faster…I continued… “I miss having someone to talk to and share my problems with…Nancy, I miss you!”

Every man has the perfect romantic setting for his marriage proposal. Mine had always been Paris…on a nice, cool evening along the piers of the bank of the River Seine, next to the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, that would have to remain a fantasy…I couldn’t waste another precious second.

I had always tried to picture a more creative way of proposing marriage to a woman other than the traditional and never changing bending down on one knee…Now wasn’t the time for creativity unfortunately…and I found myself joining the ever growing historic list of men to use the one knee posture.

I was on my knee, a small red box in my hand…I looked up at her…She had tears in her eyes…

She asked me “Nick, what are you doing…”

“What I should have done a long time ago”…I replied…

“Nancy, I want to spend the rest of my life with you…I want to wake up every day and see you beside me…I want to grow old with you…”

She was speechless…so I continued…

“Nancy, will you marry me?”

I took the diamond ring out of the little red box, took her left hand and lifted it towards me. Then I gracefully slid the ring into her finger… but something stopped me halfway!

What was this?!

I was in shock!

There, on her finger…was already a ring!

“What!?….Nancy!!! What is this?” I said, nearly choking on my words…I was in shock! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…

“I’m sorry Nick…but…but”…she burst into tears. She buried her face in her palms and began sobbing…”Someone else has proposed to me already…”

“And you accepted?!” I asked in disbelief!

She hesitated…then nodded her head slowly…”Yes, I accepted…”

“Nancy…when was this?” I asked…still numb from the shock I had just received…

“Two days ago…” she said…through teary eyes…Her voice was heavy…

“Nick, it’s been six months since we broke up! I thought you had left me for good…I mean you never bothered to come back”…

“I waited for you, I even tried to reach you” she said…but you said it was over…”Her shoulders dropped a little, she shut her eyes in pain and then said…”I’ve even fixed my wedding date.”

There I was…on one knee…holding my ring in mid-air…lost for words, still hoping it was just a dream…but it wasn’t.

I had let true happiness slip away from me….maybe for good.

I looked down…tears forming in my eyes…at my little red box…





















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  1. Eh ya. Sowi o #sips coffee#
    ADOTEKOM. Yu gotta leave tat office and start makin a life outta tis.
    Shikenam. #rockstar#

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