Getting carried away by the picture? I love it too…you don’t? You’re a hypocrite!

So…I decided to try out something…

I went around asking some young people four questions:

  1. Would you like to get married?
  2. When would you like to get married? (if the answer to the first question is yes)
  3. Are you in a relationship right now?
  4. Would you like to get married to the person you’re in a relationship with right now?

These young people were between the ages of 23 to 40. I interviewed over a hundred of them. The stuff I found out was alarming. Our generation needs help o…Some, sorry most of the answers I got were so shocking. Cupid needs to get down to work fast! Serious emergency over here…Matter of fact, as it turns out, most of us young single folk hate the word love. Paradox anyone? *sipping milk*

Nearly all the bachelors, even those whose mates are happily married with two or three kids still love their present status (single or its complicated), had sadistic responses on the average. The ladies fared slightly better than the guys though. At least many of them admitted to wanting to be happily married or at least be in a happy relationship.

Let me just break down the questions one by one and give you guys a summary of what I found out.


Frankly speaking, ALMOST every lady and gent I asked this question said YES! (Jumping for joy and clapping excitedly). Things might not just be as bad as I thought (I hope). Only about five percent said they don’t want to get married at all. As for those ones, they need to wake up and smell the coffee. Or in this case, smell the bouquet and aisle? So it’s a good sign right, that with all the bullshit (yes, bullshit! I’m not censoring this article…so if you’re below eighteen, close it and go watch Barney or Hannah Montana). As I was saying, it’s a good sign that with all the bullshit (heartbreaks, cheating, lying and californication (remove the ‘cali’ please)) we young people still believe in marriage. WAIT, DID I JUST USE A BRACKET INSIDE A BRACKET? Hope this milk I’m sipping on isn’t alcoholic *checks percentage*

So, belief in marriage is still generally intact…so, on to the next one…Don’t get comfy yet though.


Seriously, I might as well have walked into a kindergarten full of six year olds and asked them the same question. Again, the ladies did much better than the guys though. Some (not most) of the ladies were specific as to when they want tie the nuptial knot. The problem here might just be that there are such few guys to tie the knot with (if my survey is anything to go by). Could that be the reason there are so many lesbians these days? *sips milk* (so you don’t assume I typed this under the influence). Guys, most of us (sorry, most of them…this is the great betrayal o, *laughing*) sha, most of THEM know they want to get married but are not sure when. Ladies, don’t press the panic button just yet! There are a few *adjusting microscope* that know when they want to get married. Some between now and the next two to three years. For ladies who can wait that long, relax…there’s hope. Ice cubes?

The next question please?


Can someone please get me my whip? Many guys and ladies deserve a real good lashing. So, *crosschecking figures* Many of THEM first laughed when I asked this question (yes, THEM! The great betrayal guys…hehehe). Some guys and ladies asked “relationship with who, or what?” Someone had the guts to ask me what a relationship means…*shaking my head*… However, there were some who said they are in serious relationships. A round of applause for these gentlemen and ladies please. During the course of asking this particular question, I heard some ear-defiling comments like “f**k love!” , “who needs a bloody relationship?”, and “the only relationship I have right now are with my dildo and vibrator” (that came from a lady, so don’t have a heart attack). A few more comments that made my poor ears tingle were “if I can be paid for being in a relationship, then I’ll be in one” and “relationship? Yeah, but there’s more than one person (followed by an evil laugh)”. Mind you that last comment came from both guys and ladies. Shaking my head…*sips more milk*

HERE IS THE IRONY: These are the same people who said they want to get married!

So errr…are y’all planning to just wake up one morning and walk down the aisle? Or like Tuface, down the beach?

I thought in between single and married is something called a HAPPY relationship? (caps lock on the word happy” fully intended). It’s meant to be:

Single ———> HAPPY relationship ———–> Marriage

BUT today the common trend is:

Single ———> Sex10, fun, money, sugar mummies and daddies, flirting, one night standing (or lying down?), still sleeping with the ex, heartbreaks ———> Marriage (if at all? Maybe? Or same sex? *pukes!!!*)

It’s sad to know, that some of those who said they are in a relationship, added that they couldn’t say for sure whether the person they are in the ‘relationship’ with would agree if asked the same question. Sorry, I’m Adotekom Okodi-Iyah (google me!), not Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer. Mind you don’t chew your tongue trying to pronounce my name.


Summary of the answers:

66% = YES

24% = I DON’T KNOW

10% = NO

If you answered yes, here, have a seat and get comforatable!

If you said no, tell me, what the hell are you still doing there? Enjoying the sex? Or the other benefits? Or you’re miserable? Last time I checked your relationship wasn’t Alcatraz, and you’re not Micheal Scofield. So why don’t you end the damned thing and quit stringing someone along. Or worse, quit being strung along like you’re some puppy on a leash. It’s not by force…

You have been dating for more than three years or more, and he hasn’t popped the question, please form a queue and wait to have a big ‘L’ tattoed on your body. Your learning is still in its amateur stages, you nit wit.

Or, you’re a guy and you’ve been wanting to engage her for more than a year but she’s “not quite ready”? Dude!!!! Last time I checked she wasn’t the only woman walking the planet. Take your scouting tools and get to work!

Too many broken hearts out there…everyone kindly just cut the crap… We need more joy, and less tears…
As for those “who don’t know”, your deadline expires three hours after you’read this!


I stumbled on to a saying by Phanaja (whoever that is), but it made sense to me…it went:

If you want a RELATIONSHIP, make it clear

“If SEX is all you want, make it clear

If you just need someone to talk to when your partner is acting up, MAKE THAT SHIT CLEAR

If you want him/her for money and not love, make it clear dammit!

Do not complicate the other’s life

Deception leads to complication”


Let’s all make the world a happy place, and make what we want clear…

I’m sick of this milk…*tosses bottle into bin*

Time to get me some red wine…

Hope you enjoyed, or endured the read…Well, if you’re on this line, it was obviously one of the two *grinning*







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