“Where there is desire

There is gonna be a flame

Where there is a flame

Someone’s bound to get burned

But just because it burns

Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die

You’ve gotta get up and try and try and try

You’ve gotta get up and try and try and try…”


I just love the lyrics of this song: It’s TRY by Pink…yeah, and the beat too…in short, I love the whole song! *Pressing the repeat button*

So…how are y’all doing? Work, school, business, family, kids (if you can answer the part about kids I salute you eeey, ee no easy)… whew!

It’s funny yeah…? Sometimes…I want to get married (like next week latest) and start having kids…

Raise a sweet, wonderful family like Desmond Elliot…or make I upgrade abeg, like Will Smith…yeah, that’s more like it…like Will Smith.

And have my own Willow and Jayden…err did I get their names right? And there are times…when I just want to stay single for life! Yeah…I mean…never ever get married. *opening Google and searching for “how to be a hermit”*

Hey, don’t judge me…This isn’t about me…it’s about US! Let’s face it…

The reason you’re scared to commit to a relationship…a serious one, not the ‘friends with benefits’ bullsh*t or flings or all that crap.

Whew…don’t know why I got so close up and personal on the last line…(Anger management anyone? lol)

So…as I was saying, the reason why you’re scared (or hate?) the sound of commitment and marriage is simple…


This four letter word (whether you admit it or not), whether you know it or not…

It’s the same reason you’re afraid to start working on that business idea, or launch that project…or start your singing career, or do that thing you’ve always dreamt of doing…

Why? You’re afraid…not necessarily the ‘I-just-watched-a-horror-movie’ kind of fear though…well for some it’s that bad.

We try something…we fail once, twice…and that’s it! We give up…

Business failure a couple of times…and that’s it, “I’m never doing business again”

You tried to pursue some of your dreams…but it seemed so difficult…and discouraging…before you know it…you quit! Or someone tells you “its impossible”…

You tried loving someone…and got your heart broken…so that’s the end…you can’t love anymore. Or you love, with only half of your heart…

You got cheated on, or backstabbed…so “c’est finit!” …you can never trust anyone again…

Which is why…we remain stuck! End up living average lives…because we’d rather be in our ‘comfort zone’…no more risk taking…I can only describe it in one word ———à

You envy all those billionaires you see buying yatches and private jets…yet you don’t know how many times they failed, went bankrupt and suffered hardship to get to where they are…Every single billionaire (that earned the money honestly)…had to start from the bottom and climb the ladder of success…slowly, and with much difficulty.

Every celebrity out there…was told many times “you can’t make it”…Every successful person you see, and will ever see…has suffered everything you’re going through as well. To be where they are…

Adele (yes, your multiplatinum, multimillion dollar earning, multi Grammy award winning singer), wrote ALL and I mean ALL the songs that made her a hit when she was HEARTBROKEN! She wrote those songs after her boyfriend dumped her…leaving her depressed! Well, depression gave her inspiration which has made her world famous today…Now some people want to be depressed too…*laughing*…

Abraham Lincoln,arguably America’s greatest president ever, lost NINETEEN elections (not nine o)…before he won the biggest of them all!

All I’m trying to say is: Use your failure to lift you up, not bring you down.

I have ‘good news’ for you…no matter what you achieve or how successful you become, you’ll have to go through lots of negative stuff to remain a success.

Love, relationships and marriage are no different!

Every happy couple…have lots of things they go through. The couple you see that’s been together for ten, twenty or even thirty years…have been through hell a lot of times…but are still together.

If you choose to run away from love just because of a few heartbreaks…or end a relationship over a little fight of quarrel…you’ll always be miserable.

Get up, dust yourself…and try again…

True happiness awaits you…

May you find not just true love, but good wealth, good health…long life, and a happy marriage, and lovely kids (gosh, I love kids!)…



2 thoughts on “GET UP AND TRY

  1. D fact dat dis piece comes at a period when I’m tryin to run away frm love is eerie n weird. I totally agree wit u tho. U hav to put urself out thr wholly n totally to succeed at anytin. Be it bizness,love,etc. Kisses

  2. Best eva….u cud not ve said it beta…..dnt give up cuz it dint work d last 10 times…d 11th time is d charm…GET UP AND TRY

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