So…today I was standing in a queue in the bank…waiting to withdraw some money…

There was a lady standing in front of me…and her friend was beside her…They were ‘gisting’…and they weren’t exactly whispering, so I happened to hear more than my fair share of the gossip.

The lady standing directly in front of me was telling her friend…”hmmmmm, imagine o, a whole me, that all the men in Abuja are dying for…I now gave my heart to one small rat! And he had the guts to treat me like this…” At this point, I prayed a silent prayer of:”God, may I not be called a small rat In Jesus name o…”

She then heaved a deep sigh…and continued her lamentations…”I will deal with the next man that tells me he loves me! I will show him that I’m not one to be messed with! Ahn ahn, how can someone break my heart, when I’m not a learner…”

She went on and on and on about how men are the scum of the earth and how most men deserve to rot somewhere that makes hell look like a lounge in a five star hotel. Her friend didn’t help matters…she too continued to lend her support. It was like an uncensored rap song; with all the cursing and swearing they were dishing out…all that was missing was a good beat.

What’s the point of narrating this….? Let me cut out the particular point I want to emphasize on…where the lady said: …”I will deal with the next man that tells me he loves me…I will show him that I’m not one to be messed with..”

My emphasis is on the word NEXT! So…who would be this ‘next’ guy that will be the one to suffer and bear the punishment of the sins of her ex? Who is this poor fellow that will have to bear the brunt of loving a lady who is out to deal with him?

For all we know, the next guy she’s ready to deal so mercilessly with might just be her ‘Mr. Right’. I mean, who knows? He might just be the perfect one for her. But he’ll have to deal with someone who has so much anger, bitterness and hatred for any creature that “pisseth against the wall” (King James Version anyone? lol)

The big question I’m asking you beautiful ladies and gentlemen is: Are you someone’s ‘NEXT’?

Are you in a relationship where you feel like your partner can’t trust you to as much as let you answer the door when there’s a knock? For fear that you might flirt with whoever’s at the door? I’ve heard people say over and over again…”I love the person I’m dating more than he/she loves me…”or “I don’t even feel love in this relationship…”

Who knows? You might just be paying the price for the ‘ex’s’ crimes…If you’re a guy…and you’re dating a lady who has sworn never to trust or love a man, dude, either you prepare for something that’s much harder than a trip to the moon, or you just might be the one who’s going to deal with your ‘next’ in future too.

It’s a sad, ugly cycle…Guy falls in love, gets his heart broken (yes ladies! Guys do have ceramic hearts too, not hearts made of kpomo as you might be thinking)…so, as I was saying, a guy gets his heart broken…and then decides that James Bond is his new mentor. All he’s going to do is get ladies to love him…have his share of the cookie and then leave a trail of broken heart pieces behind…Just because he’s sworn that not in this life will another girl break his heart. The sad thing is, it’s the ‘next’ girl(s) that suffer the ‘sins’ of their fellow woman.

The ugly truth is, the guy might think he’s doing himself justice…but the truth is, he’s also losing. Because he might meet a lady worth spending the rest of his life with…But be foolish enough to lose her because of the ‘I will deal with the next’ rule.

Same with the ladies…It’s the reason 99.99% of women have trust issues, and the remaining 0.001% are still in their very first relationships or have never been in love. I know it’s really hard to trust someone when the last person you trusted made you need superglue for your heart. Most ladies I speak to who are in relationships don’t trust their men. Some even assume he’s cheating…so in case he is, they won’t feel too bad. Well, what IF he isn’t?

Most relationships these days are jokes…and funny ones too! If you doubt me, check and see how many marriages today last more than two years…some never even get to a year…*shaking my head*

No one wants to be the dull person in the relationship. Both the guy and lady acting like the relationship is a contest…LET’S SEE WHO CAN BREAK WHO’S HEART FIRST. Love today is like a war, not something blissful and beautiful. Cupid needs an AK 47, his arrow just doesn’t cut it anymore…

Don’t make your NEXT pay for the sins of your EX…it’s simply not cool…

Everyone deserves to be happy…and if you’re in a relationship that is making you miserable, you just might be the ‘next’…

Love truly, honestly and wholeheartedly…or else, don’t love at all…

Wish you all the happiness you deserve…



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