Decided to make it simple and play with rhymes…Enjoy the read and share…


Look you in the eye…Try to get a connection….

Point yourself in the chest…and ask this question


The friends I keep…

Are they the kind of people I really want to be with

Or am I just trying to be part of a clique?

A group of people I’m always trying to impress…

With money, fancy things and the way I dress

Must my bag be Prada and my dress Jimmy Choo’s?

You’d like to be my friend ‘cos I’m wearing Gucci shoes?

So what? I spent my summer in the village not New York or France

Now you’ve sized me up…with one outward glance

I can’t be your ‘friend’ anymore

Just because I can’t afford to shop in the same store…

Dude you’re telling me…that our friendship is over

Because I don’t drive a Mercedes or cruise a Range Rover

You changed your phone number and deleted my pin

We can’t be buddies… you say I don’t fit in

Because I can’t afford drinks at the Hilton…

You act like your hair is your entire existence…

Well good luck my dear…men can’t tell the difference!

You told me you need me…that no man is an island

But all that changed since you moved to the Island

I won’t break my bank just to live in a fancy home

Life is in stages…remember what they say about Rome?

I don’t shop in Dubai or take trips to Spain

We can’t hangout because I don’t drink champagne?

Until you realise…there’s more to life than the things you own

No matter your age…you haven’t yet grown

Life is not a race…neither is it a movie

Love me for who I am…or be prepared to lose me

Life is like chess…there’s a king and there’s a pawn

Don’t envy the grass that grows on the other man’s lawn

Love yourself…and the person you are

That’s the only way you can truly go far

For indeed…the road to success

Begins with one thing…and that’s loving yourself…












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