Feels like decades since I wrote…*checks calendar* and boy! Have I missed writing…And I’ve missed you too…yep…you, the one reading this article. What would all my writing be without you to read it? So I say…Thanks a billion!!!

So…I walked into a mall some days ago… and went up to the top floor which housed the Men’s section…Shoes, ties, shirts, socks, tees…you name it! Every world famous designer was in that mall.

And of course…good stuff cost good money…right? Isn’t it annoying how all the things you fall in love with when you’re shopping always seem to be on the expensive side of life? Oh well…after purchasing a few shoes and shirts… *at this point my credit (or rather debit) card was so light it would float if I threw it up in the air *laughing*… As I was saying…after purchasing some stuff…my eyes caught a particular section I had missed…and it said…SALES!!! In some stores it’s called CLEARANCE SALE.

That word had only one meaning to me…buy good looking stuff at the lowest prices possible… So I strolled over there (hey don’t judge me) and began to go through the items there… Guess what? I did find quite a lot of there I loved. So I bought a couple of shirts and a travelling box from here…at prices you wouldn’t imagine…Hey! I didn’t say they were completely free… *laughing*

Anyway…where am I going with all this?

As I was going through the items in the SALES section…a thought hit me…like wait! Come to think of it…ALL the items in the SALES section were at some point not there! When an item is first brought into a store…it’s never placed in the SALES section. It’s originally placed in the regular section of the store. Its price then is quite high and it’s on display for all to see. At that time…it’s the reigning thing in the market.

That dress, shoe, shirt, suit…or whatever it is…when initially brought into the store is in vogue. It’s what everyone wants to wear or be seen using… It’s very expensive and probably exclusive. But after some time, when new styles and designs are released into the market, what happens? They become stale.

The ones that were once the reigning goods are moved to the back of the store. They go into obscurity… No one cares about them anymore. Their season is past…gone! Their values decrease…their demand plummets so fast it’s unbelievable…Their time and season is past…gone! *repetition intended*

That’s when they go into the SALES section.

You know that Nokia ‘torchlight’ phone? Well…right now, most, if not all of you reading this wouldn’t be caught using that phone right now. But remember, there was a time when that phone was being used only by the rich and high class in the country. It was the phone senators and governors were using proudly. Today even a farmer uses a better phone that. What happened? Its time and season passed…it went into the ‘SALES’ department.

If you’re reading this…there are some things you must know.

  1. You’re young.
  2. You have time.
  3. You have strength and energy.
  4. You are very talented.
  5. You are highly skilled and gifted.
  6. You are loaded with ideas and concepts that can change the world.
  7. You have all it takes to succeed.
  8. You are beautiful/handsome.

Whether you believe the eight things I just said or not, they are all true. Right now, you are in vogue…this is your time! This is your season! It’s time to wake up and achieve something…anything…everything! Make impact…be important…be relevant! This is your time and season, while you have the eight things I listed at your beck and call.

This write up just got serious yeah? Well…it is! Because in some years…your time and season will be past…and if you haven’t achieved much…it just might be too late.

You have all it takes to succeed…and I mean it! Forget your past, history, background…Forget the broken home you were raised in…forget the fact that your family isn’t rich…forget the fact that you didn’t attend the best schools or have the best upbringing. You can touch and change lives…you can impact the world positively! It all lies within you.

Those excuses that sound so reasonable to you now will sound very silly ten or twenty years from now.

Do not wait till people have forgotten your true value and your real worth to try and do something useful. Remember, the items on Clearance Sale once had very high prices. It’s the same item…why is it now so cheap?

This is your time ladies and gentlemen…This is your season! Go for it!


You can and will make it…God is with you…believe in Him…and always remember…you are LIMITLESS!

Share this writeup with someone…Peace…

Uploaded at 03:15am . 24th Of September 2013


4 thoughts on “ON ‘SALES’?

  1. This piece has adult restrictions hovering all over it. It nor it and get into the clearance section immediately. This is a scary wake up call. This questions M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ physically, mentally and spiritually. Thanks for the analogy it cut through my thick skull.

  2. This piece has adult restrictions hovering all over it. ignore it and get shoved into the clearance section of life immediately. This is a scary wake up call. This questions M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ physically, mentally and spiritually. Thanks for the analogy it cut through my thick skull.

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