It’s a Monday morning…you stroll into your office…and your boss says to you… “Hey! I’m giving you a salary increase!”…You smile,,,right? Jump for joy! (who wouldn’t?) Sure…But he doesn’t end there…next thing he says…”It will be an increase of 5900 percent!” Yep…you didn’t read wrong…I didn’t mean to say 59 percent or even 590 percent…I meant a salary increase of 5900 percent! That means if you’re earning let’s say one hundred thousand naira, your new salary will be…Lets do the math… 100,000 x 59 which is equals to FIVE POINT NINE MILLION NAIRA!!! (N5,900,000). Wow!

Amazing? You bet!

Awesome!!!? Sure!

Sounds like a dream right? I know….

But it happened…or rather…will surely happen. To who? You may ask…to a young boy somewhere in England…who is just eighteen years old…Some…or a few of you might have heard of him already. Most people would probably have no clue who he is. What’s his name?

ADNAN YANUZAJ (pronounced Yanuzai). He is a young footballer that plays for Manchester United…yes, Manchester United! “And I’ve never heard of him?!” You may ask. That’s what makes his story so amazing…


I’ll cut out many details so it doesn’t get boring. So…where am I going? This young kid…Adnan Yanuzaj was just a reserve team player at Manchester United. And what was his salary? One thousand pounds a week. That’s a lot of money right? Yeah…two hundred and fifty thousand naira EVERY WEEK!!!! (I must be a footballer in my next life o…lol). Anyway, as I was saying, he was earning one thousand pounds a week. In the world of football, that’s chicken change…in short your career hasn’t started if you’re earning that kind of money. I mean, there are ball boys who earn more.

I’ll ask you a question…DO YOU KNOW YOUR POTENTIAL!?

Adnan Yanuzaj…I’m tempted to call him Yanu but it sounds local…*laughing* So…when did this boy’s story change?

Manchester United are losing one nil to Sunderland in a premier league match…This is the first time he is starting a match for Manchester United…who really cannot afford to lose this game. There is pressure on the new coach and players because the team has been performing woefully in recent games.

With so many stars in the team, surely at least one of them will perform and score the goals necessary to win the match. But no! Wayne Rooney, Van Persie and co. are having an off day.

And guess who steps up to the plate? You guessed right! Adnan Yanuzaj or as I’ll still call him…Yanu! WHAM!!! He scores a stunning goal and equalises…It’s 1-1! And before you know it? WHAM!!! He scores an even more breath taking goal to make it 2-1 in favour of Manchester United. Trust me, even my mom would love that goal! The whole world began asking…WHO IS HE???

It doesn’t stop there…Suddenly this unknown little kid is wanted by so many big clubs in Europe. Six different countries want him to play for their national teams. Six? Yes o, he has citizenship for six different countries…Including England and Belgium (that boy’s family tree though).

Now Manchester United are reportedly offering him a contract worth sixty thousand pounds a week. Mind you, before that match he was called a reserve team player and earning a mere one thousand pounds…This boy has become a mega star with literally just two kicks of the ball.

I’m not writing this because I’m a Manchester United fan *kisses badge*…But because I want everyone to learn from it.

YOU ARE A STAR! You have so much potential in you. You might seem unimportant or insignificant, but you are not! Before that particular match Adnan Yanuzaj was a nobody. Barely two hours later and every one in England wants his autograph…(maybe except Manchester City fans…lol). Who knows? By the time you’re reading this…maybe a few years from the day I published it, he might already be one of the world’s best footballers.

Nobody might see who you are…or what you have. But I want to tell you…There is greatness inside of you. The time to express it is now. No matter your field or career…no matter what you want to become in life.

Don’t be discouraged…I’m sure Yanu had been tired of sitting on the bench, match after match. But his moment came, and he took it. DO NOT MISS YOUR MOMENT. It will come. And if you feel like you’ve missed it, don’t worry…you haven’t! Many more will come.

You CAN and WILL make it. I see greatness in you…NOTHING and NO ONE can stop you.

Believe in God…and in yourself…

Adnan Yanuzai in action (the second goal against Sunderland)


Adnan Yanuzaj congratulated by teammates


Adnan Yanuzaj with the 2012/2013 Premiership trophy

Published at 2:03 am 8th of October 2013

Oh…and just in case you’re interested…Here is a link of the two goals that made him a star.


2 thoughts on “YOUR YANUZAJ MOMENT

  1. Wow! Adot. This is really inspiring! I marvel at your analysis.
    It is always good to remind ourselves of how important we are in this world especially a regular applause to the writer.
    Even though you have (un)friended me, i have not because i read your blog regularly and believe me, i wouldn’t be surprised if you do not post my comment probarbly cos ure still mad at me..
    One more thing, you totally misunderstood me on your friends death thingi. Nobody mocks the dead and i wouldnt be the first. Anyway, if you still want to unlift the embargo you placed on me, lemme know. I hate loosing friends esp good peeps like u.

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