Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone screamed, yelled, jumped for joy and exchanged hugs and kisses!!! It was a mad, wild frenzy. There were fireworks still lighting up the New Year skies in the background . The noise was deafening, but in an exciting, exhilarating kind of way. It was the perfect way to begin the year.

The beginning is important, but even more important is what happens in between the beginning and the end.

2014…If you’re reading this, it means your eyes are working perfectly. Now that’s something you should be thankful for. It also means you’re breathing. So, regardless of all that went wrong last year…maybe you got broke, fell ill more times than you can remember, had a heartbreak, lost a loved one, perhaps didn’t get that new job you were expecting or lost the one you had…I could on and on. The world is full of so much negativity.

No matter what happened last year, you’ve got to move on. You’ve got so much to be thankful for. If there’s a wrong way to start, carrying last year’s baggage into the New Year is definitely it. Forget all the sad things that happened. Worrying can’t and won’t change anything.

2014 is a FRESH START, it’s the first page in a new book and the good news is, it’s blank…EMPTY! And the pen is in your hand…so start writing. This year promises to be an amazing year…But first…you gotta believe!

Be brave, be bold, be confident, start that new business, apply for that job, take risks! Start working on that mind blowing idea you’ve had since 2007, fall in love, do countless random good deeds for those who can’t pay you back. Take more risks! Think BIGBIGGERBIGGEREVEN BIGGERBE LIMITLESS!

You’ve got the next 365 days to change the world, your world, someone’s world. You’ve got 365 days to make history. The days are flying by, what are you waiting for? Get going!!!

By January 1st 2015…you’re gonna look back, smile and like Daniel Bryan, say “YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!” Err, if you didn’t get the last line, you need to watch more wrestling *laughing*

2014 is gonna be your best year ever! May your year be as colourful as the bouquet of roses at the beginning of this write up. (That’s right, scroll up, you know you wanna)

P:S Let’s all be closer to God this year, it’s the least we can do to thank Him for keeping us alive.

May the skies be your runway.



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