Am I not beautiful enough?

I mean, I’m educated.

I’m not a runway model.

But I try to act mature and sophisticated.

I have a degree. Or at least…I will definitely have one.

I’m smart. I believe I am.

Even though sometimes you don’t make me feel that way.

I try my best to love you, even when you’re difficult and exasperating

Loving you can be so frustrating.

But I try, to be the perfect woman. I know I can’t be.

I’m not perfect, but I do love you perfectly.

Am I beautiful? I think I am. Or am I? Not?

I’m not so sure anymore. I felt my confidence fading.

As much as I tried, I found my self-esteem degrading.

When I found out the things you do.

Whenever I’m not with you.

With your ex, side chic and mistress.

Leaving me hard broken and in distress.

I’m officially the laughing stock in my clique.

I thought she was, but I realise now, that I’m the side chic.

I try so hard to end it all. Hate you and break up.

But love for you makes more tears stain my makeup.

I have all the curves in all the perfect places.

With a nice sexy body. Without unnecessary airs or graces.

This is much more than I can take

For among all those that wanted me.

I chose the one who has given me heartbreak.


I see you, my little child.

With your make up all stained, your hair all rough and wild.

I saw you even before you were tall enough to see me.

I knew you when you took your first step.

Like a child expecting a prize,

I longed for the day we could look into each other’s eyes.

That day soon came. You looked so pretty, with an innocent smile.

And it wasn’t too long a while.

With lightning speed, you began to grow up.

From little pink, girly dresses.

To nice fitting gowns as more curves began to show up.

Now you’re a fully grown lady.

Beautiful and very smart.

And as for looks, you’re the perfect body art.

Any man on earth, would be so lucky to have you.

Did I say lucky?

I’m sorry, I’ll have to confess

He won’t be lucky,

He’ll be more than blessed.

For you are everything,

Any man could wish for and more.

If he doesn’t realise that, kindly show him the door.

I’m glad that into me, for so many years you kept gazing.

Although I can’t talk,

I tell you every day, that you’re amazing.

It is I,

Your Mirror.


This write up is dedicated to every lady who has ever been made to feel like she’s not beautiful, sexy or smart enough.

For every man who didn’t cherish you, there are a thousand more who’ll give anything to have you.

Be confident.







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