She trusted Femi, she did! No matter what Uche had said that evening…and though all her friends had agreed, she still trusted him. He had never given her any reason not to trust her anyway. If there was an award for “Best Boyfriend” he surely deserved it.

As for cheating on her? That would be near impossible. She wasn’t the snoopy kind of girlfriend, she just didn’t have the energy for all that. Femi never locked his phone or passworded it. She had gone through his messages once or twice (unintentionally) and he picked EVERY single call when they were together. He had also never had even one of those awkward calls your boyfriend has when he is with you and a side chic calls him.

She had just spent her evening hanging out with her girls: Hussaina, Uche and Sarah. Uche had just broken up with her boyfriend of four years. Sarah was having constant issues with hers. Hussaina was married already and unless she got divorced, couldn’t officially be bothered about breaking up or not. She however, felt their pain.

She was spending the weekend at her boyfriend, Femi’s. She was breaking the Almighty Formula laid down by her mother.  She could still hear her mother’s voice, screaming while she drew her own ear and shook her head…”Shewa…Shewa…don’t go to any man’s house to visit him o..”

“Too late for that now mum…” she thought and giggled. While waiting for Femi to return from his usual Saturday evening workout at the gym, she turned on the TV, trying to decide what to watch. She kept flipping the channels as she settled down on the sofa. “DSTV can be so boring though”…She said out loud and wondered what they charged all those crazy subscription fees for. She had heard Femi lament over and over again about how it added up to his bills, and if not for soccer he would stick to watching local channels.

She eventually settled for TRACE Urban…as Big Sean and Drake popped up on the screen. She began to sing/rap along… “I’m waaaaay up! I feel blessed…I’m waaaaay up! I feel blessed…” She wasn’t a rap fan at all but Femi had made her fall in love with the song. She recalled him playing it in the car while he drove her on their first date.

Three Hours Later…

She really hated her friends at this moment for sowing this seed of doubt in her heart. She had a perfect relationship, a man she loved and who also loved and adored her. What’s more? She trusted him too.

Then what was she doing with his phone at 2am in the bathroom while he slept soundly? She took a deep breath. “This is silly…” she thought to herself and began heading towards the door to abort her mission when the phone beeped.

She took a look at the phone and a message popped up on the notification panel. It read ”hello handsome…still awake? Can’t sleep…’

“Ok…Shewa…breathe, Femi had friends before he met you, and yes! Some of them were female. This doesn’t mean anything.” The voice of reasoning tried to persuade her.

But Uche’s voice played again in her head…”A man’s phone will always betray him, no matter how long it takes, they are never as careful as we women in cleaning their dirty acts…”

She tapped on the message and opened it. An app opened and a chat screen showed up. It was one of those chatting/ social networking apps she had always heard of but never even bothered to join. She scrolled gingerly and nervously along the chat history between her boyfriend and ‘NikkySoft’. “NikkySoft? Really girl? That’s the best name you could come up with!?” Shewa wasn’t impressed with the girl’s level of creativity. And Femi’s name was Mr. Swift…”Mr. Swift? Swift to get into her pants huh?” She took another deep breath. She began to scroll from the top.

The chat went like this:

Mr. Swift: Hello pretty

NikkySoft: Hi handsome

Mr. Swift: Was going thru ur profile n I kinda liked it.

Nikkygal: Oh really? Thanks urs ain’t bad either

At this point Shewa took a seat on the edge of the bath tub…Things were certainly heating up on the phone…

Mr. Swift: Can I know you?

NikkySoft: Sure you can

Mr. Swift: Oh my manners…I should introduce myself first

NikkySoft: *laughs* oh a gentleman…I see, please go ahead

Mr. Swift: Well, I’m Femi

NikkySoft: I’m Aisha

Mr. Swift: Hmmmm Aishas are always pretty

NikkySoft: *laffin* Really? So you’ve been dating many Aishas ryt?

Mr. Swift: Naaa…I grew up in the North so I’ve met my fair share of Aishas

NikkySoft: That means u can speak Hausa really well

Mr. Swift: Yeah I can…maybe better than a Hausa man sef, so what r u up to this evening?

NikkySoft: Im so borrrrrrrrrred

Mr. Swift: LOL bored? On a Friday evening?

NikkySoft: Yes o u have no idea

Mr. Swift: Why r u bored tho? Isn’t there anything going on around u?

NikkySoft: My friends stepped out to have fun but wasn’t really in the mood

Mr. Swift: So chatting with me is the fun you’re havin this evenin yeah?

NikkySoft: *laffin* well, something like that

Mr. Swift: You’re most likely gonna turn me down, but how wud u like to step out for a few drinks?

NikkySoft: Huh? With a complete stranger?

Mr. Swift: Stranger? LOL c’mon… I’ve known u for about 3 mins already

NikkySoft: Nice! You’re kind of friendly n funny

Mr. Swift: I’m a nice guy, what can I say?

NikkySoft: Hmmmmm sounds tempting, but I don’t think so

Mr. Swift: Let’s make a deal, we go out for drinks n if u change ur mind about me being nice, I’ll refund ur evening

NikkySoft:  *laffin*, ok ur hilarious

Mr. Swift: So how do we meet up?

NikkySoft: Hmmmm…there’s this cool place they just opened on Patrick Jones Boulevard

Mr. Swift: Oh yeah? I think I’ve heard of it, I could meet u up in 30 minutes

NikkySoft: Thirty minutes? Do u want me to show up without make up?

Mr. Swift: LOL…Ok one hour?

NikkySoft: I really can’t believe I’ve agreed to go on a date with someone I’ve just met tho

Mr. Swift: You won’t regret it…it’s a promise

NikkySoft: *laffing* Ok Mr. Swift, but if u’re borin or not nice I’ll leave Swiftly

Mr. Swift: Catch u there

At this point, Shewa was boiling. “So this is why Femi refused to see me yesterday, he claimed he’d had a long day and was tired…only to be out having drinks with some tramp he met online barely an hour after knowing her…”

She kept pacing up and down, struggling to control her rage. She stormed into the room to wake him up but she changed her mind when she saw his tired frame sleeping soundly.

Technically, he hadn’t slept with Aisha yet, but they had gone on a date, and now she was sending him messages at 2am in the morning. Shewa wondered what had gone on during their date and if Femi had lied about having a girlfriend or not.


Femi and Shewa were driving within Lekki. Femi was taking her out for dinner and then some karaoke. At a red light, Femi squeezed her hand, looked into her eyes and whispered…”I love you Shewa”

Shewa smiled, and whispered…”I love you too Femi, who is Aisha?”

To Be Continued…

So, I was inspired to write this because today the social media and dating sites/networks have become a real distraction and obstacle for so many relationships. It affects both parties, even though I used the guy as the guilty one here. Truth is, many relationships and even marriages have gone down the drain because of “total strangers” coming into the picture through these social media and networks.

You know the drill people…kindly use the comments box to give your views/opinions and even experiences.

We’d love to hear from you.



  1. Good read. Please don’t put us in endless suspense though 🙂
    It’s really easy to fall prey to the distractions of ‘technology-delivered romance’ cos every one is a superstar in their own way on social media; letting you see the amazing pieces of them. But that is pure deceit if we all choose to be true to ourselves. Real life gives you the entire package. Question is ‘Are you man/woman enough to handle it? ‘

    1. Don’t worry…lol. will make the suspense as short lived as possible..*goes into the woods for inspiration* I love how u mention everyone giving u the ‘superstar’ piece of them while hiding behind the curtain of truth and reality…Most times what u get isn’t what u saw anyway..Discipline n satisfaction r key in having a happy healthy relationship..

  2. Whaaaaaat! Adot, don’t try this again! Didn’t realise how I held my breath until I got to ‘Who is Aisha’. The truth is, this kinda of stuff really scares me big especially being the faithful lover that I am…when you suspect stuff,you can’t really speak out cos they call you jealous or insecured or that you lack trust… me I no know again o. Abasi mbok!!!

    1. Preceelah is a faithful lover…*saving dowry* lol… my dear don’t mind us men. Deep down we know the ‘jealousy’ and ‘insecurity’ is our own security and we miss it the moment it’s gone. Just keep being the great lover u r and ignore some of our gibberish…lol

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