I stood at the edge

Very close to the edge

I was a step

Just one step

From stepping

Into thin air

To my grave

To be forgotten

Like that man was…in that movie

12 years a slave

Oh! Who would feel my pain, my woes?

Poor, poor me!

I could feel the wind on my toes

I could hear the sound of joy

From the camp of my foes

Partying hard

At the sound of my fall

My demise.

Will anyone miss me at all?

Finally I take that step

Off the cliff and into space

Into thin air

It’s a long way down!!!!

The oxygen fills my lungs

The rush of wind in my face

I can feel the view of the earth below

Getting closer

I’m surely going to land…6 feet under!

Suddenly it hits me

Like a ball on a baseball bat

I deserve way more than that!

I am stronger than this!

I deserve one last shot at happiness

At a taste of bliss!

A chance at life, love

Another first kiss!

Another chance to show life

That I belong on the big stage

Another chance with my quill

To write on a fresh page

I have the will to live

To breathe

I grit my teeth, and reverse my dive

Looking up to the skies

I’ve never felt so alive

For what I never knew, never believed till now

Was that…

I Can Fly!

And guess what?

So can You

Never Quit. Turn your fears to dreams

Turn your weaknesses to wings


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