They tell me, “Be realistic!”

As a man, you have to plan

Spend life gathering all you can

Don’t budget more than your wages

After all, life is in stages

Different chapters, different pages

Yet we end up feeling trapped

Like animals in cages

Debts, bills and mortgages

A life of borrowing and loans

Can you hear it? The sound of groans

From the weight of bills…

Trying to slit your throat

Is this really God’s plan for your growth?

What happened to all your dreams

Flowing with passion like rivers and streams

And your aspirations

Are you forgetting?

God’s promises that you’ll lend to nations

Never beg, never borrow

No going to bed thinking about tomorrow

No need to pop sleeping pills

For the fear of the morning’s bills

Quit acting like you’re alone

Quit mourning, quit grieving

God’s with you and He’s never leaving

Even when it seems life is dying

He’ll keep it breathing

All your needs He’ll forever supply

He owns heaven and earth

Trust Him and you’ll never run dry

Your future is like diamonds, shining so bright

You’re a star, you shine brighter at night

Even in the storm, you’re a ship so GREAT!

Reality has failed you

It’s time to try FAITH!



  1. WoW! What a way to start a new month reading this. It’s time to move from fact to truths for the things which are seen are temporal but that which is invisible is eternal. 2 Cor 4:18
    The visible(creation) was called out from the invisible.
    God bless you Adot, you always inspire.

  2. Masterpiece, this poem has nailed it. Filled with an inspiring message. And at d end faith is all we need to please God. Nice one Adote. Keep writing.

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