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I have nothing against hooking up on social media. I mean, these days many married peeps met on social media, so who knows? However,  here is my compiled list of the types of babes any boy with sense and a future should be avoiding…

Abeg make nobody take this post personal o *hides inside wardrobe*

The Confusers – she has only very seductive photos and videos, yet all she attaches to them are motivational or spiritual quotes. This leaves you wondering if she’s a stripper or a pastor.

Has ‘Barbie’ in her Username – Trust me bro, she is a Barbie doll and most likely has the IQ of one. She probably doesn’t know what life is really about and is a materialistic babe.

Has Nicki Minaj in her Username or as her Nickname– she has Nicki Minaj as an idol. These kind of babes forget that Nicki is a very hardworking artiste who has achieved success through dedication and perseverance. All they see are her huge installed ass and boobs, the coloured hair and sexy curves. They forget it’s all showbiz., and underneath it all is a talented and intelligent woman. However, their own reality of life involves taking half nude pics and painting themselves to look like “The Joker”. Bros…run!

Puts “Interested in Girls” in Her Profile – Unless you’re looking for threesomes or you’re into lesbians , my brodavamoose o.

Puts “fun fun fun” as Her only Interests – Who doesn’t love fun? I most certainly do, but when that has become someone’s mission on earth. Ol boy that kind pesin will always want to groove. And grooving means spending money. Debit alerts anyone?

Puts “No plenty questions please, Go straight to the point” in her Profile – She no need make you dey ask am “where r u from”, “what does ur fada do” “whats your favorite colour” etc. She wants u to ask her “so how much  for ‘short time’ or ‘long time’ ”. These ones are strictly business o lol

Puts “I’m all about the money” in her Profile – The only money she is interested in is your hard earned money…*magaaa don pay, shout halleluyaaaaah ohoohooo, muguuu don pay, shout halleluyah…” Please who knows where Kelly Hansome is? Dat guy na real 1 hit wonder o

Is only interested in Men who are 50 and Above– what do u get when u mix 5 spoons of sugar with an old man? Did Someone say sugar daddy? U r correct!

Not interested in  “chewing gum boys –  dis one is allergic to dating young men. However she will only chat or flow with you if you talk rich or if your’re popping champagne and posing with big cars or appear to be living a life of wealth in your pictures/profile.

The Colour Blockers – It’s simple, classy ladies DO NOT colour block! (at least not in my world), and if they do, they make sure they don’t look like rainbows.

Hope you enjoyed the read…I sure did. Yes I do enjoy my own write ups! Gotta problem with dat? *laughs*


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