The Jinx, The Rainbow & The Waterfall


It was all darkness
Eerily quiet
U could almost touch the silence
No movement no sound
No breathing
The “Do Not Disturb” sign boldly displayed
At the door of my heart
No space no room no corner
Left unfilled with dust and cobwebs
From lack of use
For anyone who dared come close
Would suffer rejection or abuse
But like a waterfall
Hitting a rock
A day…Two days
Your charm
Your warmth
Your sweet angelic nature
Sorry, even an angel would be envious
Your awesome glowing personality
Like that waterfall
My heart the rock
Chipped off my rough edges
It’s getting smoother
The “Do Not Disturb” sign removed
I can hear that voice whispering…”Be Careful”
I’m not listening
So now it’s screaming
But I don’t care
There’s some heavy springcleaning
Going on inside
Rays of sunshine pouring in
You…my darling
Are that ray of sunshine
Your sweetness and warmth
Have given me hope
And though for so long disguising my pain
Because of you…
I’m in love again


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